Chapter 10 – Through her eyes

Holding It Together

** Flashbacks in Italics.

“Dammit Payal! Why?? Why don’t you want to get married? How many more years are you going to make me wait? Answer me! What is your problem?!”

Payal looked at Akash wondering how to explain her feelings to him. She had tried but he didn’t seem to listen even as he seemed to pay absolute attention. She let out the breath she had held when his voice had risen, as she cleared the dining table of their dinner leftovers. She had returned home after a long day at the restaurant to a scrumptious but simple meal of Rajma and rice. He had been in the process of making the roti’s when she had taken over. How she loved these little thoughtful things he did, but it had been a while since she understood him or had been able to make him understand her. She suddenly felt…

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